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  • July 19, 2018 4 min read

    Some flavors to take your summer beer from ordinary to a flavor masterpiece

    Hey there and happy summer! Unfortunately, as August approaches, so do the final weeks of our favorite season. But, just because summer is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on the summery beers that come along with it. Here at Bräu Supply, providing the tools so that you can create great, home brewed beers that are perfect for any season is our specialty.

    In light of the final month of summer, we thought we’d talk about some of the many aromatic, sweet flavors that accompany some of our favorite summer beers. What’s great about these flavors is that they pair well with wheat beers, radlers, and ales alike. With a home brewing system from Bräu Supply, you’ll have the ability to create a perfect summer beverage that will fuel those long summer nights spent in the backyard or at a cookout. Here are some summery flavors to consider adding to your beer.


    Grapefruit is one of those flavors that people either love or hate. For those that are attracted to the aromatic and tart flavoring properties that grapefruit adds to anything it touches, we highly recommend it! Its citrusy flavor is just light enough for the summer, sweet enough for the sunshine, and tart enough to make your brew stand out against other seasonal beers. Because the taste of grapefruit is rather rich, we suggest adding it to lighter beers, like radlers and wheat beers, so as not to cause a weird flavor disruption. With home brewing supplies from Bräu Supply, some creativity and testing, your grapefruit beer will be to die for.


    A little orange zest to any brew can take it from ordinary to a summer masterpiece. Orange, like grapefruit, is a tricky flavor to add because of how strong and overpowering it could be. However, when done right, it can blow your home beer out of the water. Sweet and tangy, orange flavoring also combines nicely with wheat beers and lighter ales. When using your home beer brewing equipment to make a beer, test out some flavors by adding varying concentrations of orange to find the perfect amount to make your beer extraordinary. We also recommend experimenting with variants of orange, like blood orange!


    Could we really have mentioned summer beers without mentioning the ever so famous lemon flavoring? Lemon flavored beers are the taste of the summer. Lemon has a special taste that happens to mix well with many beers to give it that semi sweet and mildly tart taste that makes it a necessary addition to any cookout, concert, or pool day, as lemon screams summer! Because of its versatile pairing ability, lemon flavoring is an easy addition to most beers. Take the safe route with a lemon lager or lemon ale, or maybe be a little bit more adventurous with a lemon IPA: hoppy and refreshing. It will be a summer masterpiece!


    A summer without enjoying freshly picked strawberries isn’t quite a summer at all, is it? Strawberries are sweet and juicy and surprisingly, a great addition to beer! Strawberries, though seemingly light, have a strong taste that might combine with beer for a rather strange taste. After brewing a beer with your home brewing system, we suggest adding the flavor to small samples to see what the flavor pairs best with. The strawberry flavor would likely pair well with lagers and ale. Also, a strawberry cider would also be quite tasty!


    Pears aren’t too different from apples, and are actually quite fun to brew ciders with. Pear ciders are becoming increasingly popular in the brewing world, and for good reasons. Pears are different from apples in that they’re much less tart and have a mild, simple flavor. A pear cider will be both lighter and potentially not as filling as their apple counterpart as long as it’s brewed right! With a home brewing system from Bräu Supply, we’re confident your cider will be delicious!


    Whether it be watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew is up to you, but these lighter, summery flavors added to your beer are just weird enough to make your beer stand out, but just light enough to make sure your beer doesn’t taste too strong. Watermelon is seen in a lot of this season’s beers, so it’s sure to taste amazing in your home brew. However, honeydew and cantaloupe aren’t as popular, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to taste great. Give it a shot, we dare you!

    Thanks for reading today’s blog post and we’re excited for you to brew some beers to carry you through the rest of the summer. With home brewing equipment from Bräu Supply, you’ll be brewing some of the best beverages around. Add these flavors to your next batch and the rest of your summer will be tastier than ever before. Check out our collection if you haven’t already have and we’ll catch you back here soon!

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