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  • Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Conical Fermenter - Precision Brewing Solution

    Technical Details
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    Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter

    The Ultimate Solution for Precision Brewing and Fermentation

    High-Quality Stainless Steel Fermenter for Precision Fermentation

    Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, the Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter is engineered to revolutionize your brewing and fermentation experience. With a liquid-filled jacket for precise temperature control, it empowers you to master the flavor profile of your beer and achieve optimal fermentation like never before.

    Key Features for Fermentation Enthusiasts:

    When it comes to crafting exceptional beer through precision brewing and fermentation, the Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter stands as the ultimate choice. Let's delve deeper into its key features:

    • Precision Temperature Control

      The jacketed walls of our fermenter ensure optimal cooling of the wort, eliminating the need for cooling coils and potential batch contamination. Plus, it simplifies the sanitization process, allowing you to maintain a pristine fermentation environment.

    • Robust Pressure Control

      Constructed from durable 304 stainless steel, our fermenter boasts a working pressure of 15 psi, meeting the demands of professional brewing and fermentation processes. This robust pressure control ensures consistent results, batch after batch.

    • Streamlined Operation

      The 6" or 8" tri-clamp fermenter opening, also made of 304 stainless steel, streamlines your brewing and fermentation process. This design eliminates the need for large gaskets, ensuring a secure seal and smooth operation. It's engineered to withstand pressures up to 15 psi, providing peace of mind during the fermentation process.

    • Versatile Fermentation Control

      For brewers who demand precise control over their fermentation, our unitank offers multiple connection ports. This flexibility allows seamless integration of glycol systems, heating solutions, temperature sensors, and carbonation stones. Whether you're a homebrewer or a professional, it's your gateway to achieving the exact fermentation conditions your beer requires.

    • Adjustable Leg Height

      Every brewing and fermentation setup is unique, and our unitank accommodates that. Customize the fermenter's height, constructed with sturdy 304 stainless steel, to perfectly fit your brewing and fermentation needs. Whether you prefer elevated brewing or a lower profile, you have the flexibility to adjust as required.

    Fermentation Temperature Management and Glycol Chilling

    Managing fermentation temperatures is a critical aspect of precision brewing and fermentation. With the Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter, you have the capability to achieve precise temperature control, thanks to its liquid-filled jacket. But what about glycol chilling?

    Glycol chilling is a sophisticated method used by professional brewers to maintain fermentation temperatures within an optimal range. It involves the circulation of a glycol solution through the fermenter's jacket, effectively cooling or heating the beer inside.

    By integrating a glycol system with our fermenter, you gain even more control over your fermentation process. During the fermentation cycle, the glycol chiller can be adjusted to maintain the perfect temperature for your specific beer style. This level of precision ensures that your beer consistently meets the desired flavor profile, time after time.

    So, whether you're brewing lagers, ales, or other specialty beers, the combination of our jacketed fermenter and glycol chilling system gives you the tools to achieve brewing perfection.

    What's Included in Your Fermentation Kit:

    We understand that a comprehensive fermentation kit is essential for your brewing journey. That's why our Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter comes with everything you need to get started:

    • Unitank with adjustable legs
    • Drop-in ruler with volume markings
    • Stainless fermenter blow-off assembly for safe fermentation
    • Rotating racking arm for precise fermentation transfer
    • Sample valve for easy testing during fermentation
    • Analogue pressure gauge (0-30 psi) for pressure monitoring
    • 15 psi pressure reducing valve for controlled fermentation
    • 2" tri-clamp elbow for versatile connections
    • 2" butterfly valve for precise fermentation control
    • 2" tri-clamp and gasket (x2) for secure fittings
    • 1.5" butterfly valve (x2) for fine-tuned fermentation management
    • 6"-3" tri-clamp cap for 35L and 8"-3" tri-clamp cap for 50L-150L sizes
    • 6" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 35L and 8" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 50L-150L sizes
    • 3" cap, clamp, and gasket for customized fermentation
    • 1.5" tri-clamp and gasket (x10) for various fermentation accessories
    • 1.5" cap (x2) for versatile fermentation options

    Specifications for Precision Fermentation:

    Our Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter comes in multiple configurations to suit your brewing and fermentation needs:

    UT5: Total Capacity: 30L (8 gallons) Batch Size: 12L-23L (3-6 gallons) Diameter: ø35cm (13.75") Adjustable Height: 85cm-100cm Cone Volume: 8.3L (2 gallons)
    UT10: Total Capacity: 50L (13 gallons) Batch Size: 19L-46L (5-10 gallons) Diameter: ø40cm (15.75") Adjustable Height: 95cm-110cm (37" - 43") Cone Volume: 12.7L (3.3 gallons)
    UT20: Total Capacity: 100L (26 gallons) Batch Size: 38L-92L (10-20 gallons) Diameter: ø50cm (19.7") Adjustable Height: 115cm-130cm (45" - 51") Cone Volume: 25L (6.5 gallons)
    UT30: Total Capacity: 150L (39 gallons) Batch Size: 38L-138L (10-30 gallons) Diameter: ø50cm (19.7") Adjustable Height: 140cm-155cm (55" - 61") Cone Volume: 25L (6.5 gallons)

    Elevate Your Fermentation Game

    Take your brewing and fermentation to the next level with the Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter. Crafted meticulously from 304 stainless steel, this fermenter guarantees precise temperature control and top-quality design. Whether you're a homebrewer or a professional brewer, our fermenter is the key to unlocking brewing excellence.

    Video: Managing Fermentation Temperatures

    Learn how to manage fermentation temperatures using the Temperature Control Kit and ETC controller with our informative video. Achieve the perfect fermentation conditions for your beer with ease. {click here for video}

    Why Precision Brewing and Fermentation Matters

    Understanding the importance of precision brewing and fermentation is essential for any brewer, whether you're just starting or have years of experience. Fermentation is the heart of crafting exceptional beer, and precision in this stage can make all the difference in the final product.

    Precision brewing and fermentation offer several advantages:

    • Consistent Results: Precise temperature control and pressure management ensure that each batch of beer you produce maintains its intended flavor profile.
    • Reduced Contamination Risk: The use of a jacketed fermenter eliminates the need for cooling coils, reducing the risk of contamination and off-flavors in your beer.
    • Customization: With versatile connection options, you have the flexibility to experiment with various fermentation techniques, including cold crashing, carbonation adjustments, and more.
    • Professional Quality: The Bräu Supply Unitank Jacketed Fermenter allows you to achieve professional-quality results in your brewing and fermentation endeavors.

    By investing in precision brewing and fermentation equipment like our unitank, you're taking a significant step toward producing beer that stands out for its taste, consistency, and quality.

    Learn more about fermentation here:




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Premium fermenter

    Blowoff arm was kinda difficult to attach, and wish it came with a neoprene jacket. Other than that it has met or exceeded my expectations so far.

    Simon Bishop
    Great tank

    Great purchase, does what is says and excellent customer service