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  • Unibräu Pro - All-in-One Brewing Solution


    Unibräu Pro - The Ultimate All-in-One Brewing Solution

    Discover brewing simplicity and efficiency with the Unibräu Pro, the ultimate all-in-one brewing solution. This innovative system combines two vessels – a mash tun and a Unitank fermenter – to streamline your brew day, eliminating the need for a hot liquor tank and boil kettle. Say goodbye to the complexity of four-vessel systems and embrace the future of brewing.

    Streamline Your Brewing Process

    Brewing with the Unibräu Pro means operating with just two vessels, yet achieving the functionality of four. The mash tun and Unitank fermenter work seamlessly together to enhance efficiency, save space, and simplify your brewing process. With this groundbreaking design, you can brew and ferment in the same Unitank vessel, optimizing your space and eliminating the hassle of managing multiple tanks.

    Experience the Benefits

    Space Optimization

    Enjoy a smaller footprint in your brewing area with the elimination of the hot liquor tank and boil kettle. Maximize efficiency while minimizing space.

    Quick Brew Days

    With the Unibräu Pro, experience faster brew days. The integrated design and efficient processes mean less time spent on setup and cleanup, allowing you to focus on what matters – brewing exceptional beer.

    High Precision

    Achieve greater precision in your brewing process, resulting in easily repeatable and consistent results. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a more controlled brewing experience.

    Safety and Convenience

    Unlike other fermenter-based brew systems with overhead hoists, the Unibräu Pro ensures a safe and efficient brewing experience without the need for dangerous equipment.

    Efficient Wort Chilling

    Utilizing the jacketed fermenter, the Unibräu Pro achieves unparalleled wort chilling efficiency compared to external chillers. Say goodbye to contamination concerns and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a system designed to prioritize the integrity of your brew.

    Contamination-Free Brewing

    The closed-loop system of the Unibräu Pro eliminates the need for fluid transfers during the brewing process. This not only minimizes the risk of contamination but also accelerates the brewing timeline, allowing you to focus on the art of brewing without unnecessary complexities.

    Chemical-Free Sanitization

    With the boil process integrated into the Unibräu Pro, you can bid farewell to chemical sanitizers. Let the natural boiling action do the work for you, ensuring a thoroughly sanitized brewing environment without the need for additional chemicals.

    Technical Details

    What's Included?

    The Unibräu Pro comes complete with everything you need to brew and ferment. Additional helpful items such as a hydrometer, pH meter, and your choice of recipe ingredients are all you need to get started. The system includes essential components like a fermenter blow-off assembly, rotating racking arm, sample valve, and more. For warm climates, a glycol chiller would replace cool water for chilling duties.

    • Jacketed conical fermenter rated for 15psi in the vessel and 5psi in the jacket
    • Drop in ruler with volume markings
    •  Stainless fermenter blow off assembly
    • Rotating racking arm
    • Sample valve
    • Analogue pressure gauge 0-30 psi
    • 15 psi pressure reducing valve
    • 2" tri-clamp elbow
    • 2" butterfly valve
    • 2" tri-clamp and gasket x 2
    • 1.5" butterfly valve x 4
    • 6"-3" tri-clamp cap for 35L and 8"-3" tri-clamp cap for 50L-150L sizes
    • 6" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 35L and 8" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 50L-150L sizes
    • 3" cap, clamp and gasket
    • 1.5" tri-clamp and gasket x 22
    • 1.5" cap x 2
    • 5500W Brewing element (120V system comes with 1600W brewing element)
    • SV2 Controller for accurate mashing and boiling (120V system comes with the SV1 controller)
    • 10G, 20G or 30G kettle and lid
    • Mash tun false bottom and dip tube
    • Vorlauf double clamp arm
    • 1.5" Tri-clamp 3 piece ball valve
    • 1.5" Tri-clamp to quick disconnect adapter x 4
    • Quick Disconnect female to 5/8" barb adapter x 4
    • 1.5" Tri-clamp to 1/2" female adapter x 2 for 35L and 50L size - 1.5" Tri-clamp to 3/4" female adapter x 2 for 100L and 150L size
    • Mp-19 pump for 35L and 50L size, MP-40 pump for 100L and 150L size
    • 4 m(13') silicone tubing
    • Fermenter temperature control kit
    • Fermenter racking and filter kit
    • Water connection kit

    Dimensions and Capacities

    Choose the Unibräu Pro that suits your brewing needs:

    UBP5 - 30L(8gal) fermenter - 35cm(13.75") diameter x 85cm(33.5") high to 100cm(39.4") height. 40L(10gal) mash tun - 35cm(13.8") diameter x 40.5cm(16") high. Brew volume - 12L(3gal) to 23L(6 gal).

    UBP10 - 50L(13gal) fermenter - 40cm(15.75") diameter x 95cm(37.4") high to 110cm(43.3") height.  40L(10gal) mash tun - 35cm(13.8") diameter x 40.5cm(16") high. Brew volume - 19L(5gal) to 38L(10 gal).

    UBP20 - 100L(26gal) fermenter - 50cm(19.7") diameter x 115cm(45.3") high to 130cm(51.2") height. 80L(20gal) mash tun - 45cm(17.7") diameter x 50cm(19.7") high. Brew volume - 19L(5gal) to 76L(20gal).

    UBP30 - 150L(39gal) fermenter - 50cm(19.7") diameter x 140cm(55.1") high to 155cm(61") height. 120L(30gal) mash tun - 50cm (19.7") diameter x 60cm (23.6") high. Brew volume - 19L(5gal) to 114L(30gal).

    Manuals and Videos


    Please note that the pump + essentials kit is sold separately, allowing for further customization of your brewing experience. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lacy Layne
    Awesome customer service

    We are scaling up our kombucha brewery to meet demand. The Unibrau Pro is perfect for a small startup. The equipment is commercial grade, customizable, and support has been amazing. Steven worked with me via a video call to set our system up specifically for kombucha. What a great company!

    Michael E.
    Impressions of Unibrau Pro V2 Brew System

    This complete brewing system is very well thought out. Comes with everything you need from mashing in to filling a korny keg. Components are top notch and finishes are mirror bright where needed (inside fermenter). I'm finishing fermenting my first batch now. It's in a cold shop so I'm using the heater (set at 5%) to cycle on and off occasionally to control fermentation temperature. It works great. I'm sure cooling using the included gear will work well too. I'll really end up with a glycol chiller since I don't have a source of water near my electrical connection.

    A couple of things to note. I was making a 10 gallon finished beer batch (2 corny kegs) so I HAD 10.5 gallons in the fermenter to account for trub in the cone while I rack the beer. I used the anti siphon air lock. Worked well for first day or so. Checked on the second day and there was true, foam and wort all over as the airlock exploded off the fermenter. Switched to a blow off tube (it would be nice if a tri clamp fitting with a hose barb was included for this purpose) and the problem was solved. One additional comment is that even though I have cold water (mid 40s I'd guess), it takes quite awhile to cool 10.5 gallons of wort from boiling to yeast pitching temperature, especially if you're used to a high efficiency counterflow heat exchanger. On the other hand, there's no risk of plugging. One note is that I used a BIAB bag (The Brew Bag) in the mash tung. Probably not needed, but I like to mill my grain quite fine for good utilization and the suits on the mash plate seem kind of big to me. Maybe it's just a holdover from my days of plugging counterflow exchangers. Finally the included hop basket has a pretty coarse mesh. I switched out during the first hop addition to one I have with finer mesh. Again, probably just old brew technique habit since there really is nothing to plug up on this system.

    Delivery took quite awhile, but as Steven pointed out it's a big order and the supply chain is pretty messed up right now.

    Steven even took time out on a Saturday to call me and clarify a few things when I was assembling the gear.

    John J.
    Unibrau Pro V2

    Worked like a charm. I'm not the most experienced brewer, but wanted something without a lot of moving parts. This system is definitely as advertised. There is a lot you can do with it and I'm sure each batch will be easier and easier. The customer service was excellent. Steven got back to me very quickly (he's busy inventing the next mouse trap) and answered my questions spot on.