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  • September 16, 2020 4 min read

    I wanted to share with you a video we made (along with my 13 year old son) using the now retired Unibräu Pro V2.  We've released an updated version you can see {here}.

    Below is a brew day using our prototype setup, and we brewed a NEIPA.

    Our newest Unibräu Pro system is a true all-in-one brew system and really is a huge step forward when it comes to fermenter based brew setups otherwise referred to as BIAC or 'brew in a conical' systems.  Our previous version of Unibräu Pro was all in one also, but had some notable differences.  I'll list the differences and improvements to our newest system:

    The previous version of the UB pro had a mash tun and a fermenter.  This mash tun sits inside the fermenter, displacing the volume.  The grains are placed inside the grain basket which sits inside, then hoisted out of the fermenter, using muscle or a hoist. Our new V2 places the mash tun beside the fermenter.  This strategic placement of the mash tun improves the brewing process, without adding more equipment.  Here is an explanation of how this process is quicker, simpler, and safer:

    • More beer! Because the mash tun or grain basket is beside the fermenter, and not inside the fermenter while mashing, the total volume of liquid can be dramatically increased.  This allows the brewer to brew up to 50% more beer, resulting in a full fermenter of beer, which isn't the case in the V1 Unibräu pro, and other fermenter based brew systems.  In our V1 UB pro, and other fermenter based systems, the only way to fill your fermenter completely with beer is to add in a sparge step, adding hours to your brew day.
    • Better efficiency!  Our new design features a much improved mashing system over the previous Unibräu pro, featuring a laser cut mash tun plate which sits at the bottom of the mash tun.  With over 1100 perforations on our mash tun plate, we've maximized the open area of the plate, giving you over 15% more open area over our competitors designs.  This results in higher efficiency than our previous design and compared to other fermenter based brew systems.
    • No sparge step is necessary!  Our newest system is designed for a full volume mash, and because the mash tun resides beside the fermenter not inside the fermenter, you have extra volume to ensure that you'll fill your fermenter.  
    • Sparging is easy!  Our older system had a coil for chilling the wort after you finished the boil.  The coil was incredibly efficient, but added weight to the lid, and made hop additions onerous.  The new system design features a jacketed fermenter, and thanks to the new jacketed design adding in a sparge step if you did want extra gravity points to your brew is easy.  Our jacket on the 10G batch size system holds around 5 gallons of water.  If you fill this jacket of water prior to mashing, it'll heat up along with the mash to your desired mash out temperature.  When you are ready to sparge, simply attach a pump to the valve on the outside of the fermenter jacket, and pump the water to the mash tun for your sparge.
    • No hoisting heavy grains!  When you're finished your sparge, you'll simply allow the wort to drain from the grains.  Then you scoop them out into a disposal vessel. This can be done easily and safely.  The previous version of Unibräu Pro required big muscles, or a hoist to safely remove the grains.  When using a hoist, or gantry to remove the grains, there are concerns, and operating a gantry safely must be your priority.  After all, you're removing the grains at 168ºF which must be taken seriously.
    • No grains in the boil!  Our previous design had larger holes in the grain basket, and with incorrect procedure could result in grain in boil. Unibräu Pro V2 completely eliminates this issue, as the mash tun acts as a grant, and our much improved mash tun plate slots are thinner and longer, eliminating grist getting through.

    As you can see, we've made many improvements over the previous version of the Unibräu and Unitank pro systems, and our patent pending design will make your brew day a dream brew day!  The reduced space and equipment costs, the increased efficiency, and extra capacity make our new Unibräu Pro V2 an easy decision for you.



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