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  • May 16, 2019 4 min read

    Embarking on the journey of designing the Unibräu, we started small with the 3-gallon 'mini' version. Through three iterations, our goal remained the same – to simplify brewing in apartment kitchens and make it an enjoyable experience. However, the question persists: Which system is superior – the Grainfather or Unibräu?

    Quality or Price?

    As our business matures, a crucial question arose: "Do you want to compete on quality or price?" posed by my mentor, David. This sparked a realization that making something cheaper is as challenging as making something better. The decision was clear for us – 'Buy once, cry once.'

    Unibräu may not be cheap, but it's designed to last. We prioritize durability over bells and whistles like Bluetooth, ensuring a pound-for-pound brew system that stands the test of time.

    Insights: Grainfather vs. Unibräu

    Grainfather: A decent system with added features like Bluetooth and programmable mash steps. However, it's essentially a modified coffee maker, limiting customization. The kettle and grain basket are thinner, prone to dents, and less powerful than Unibräu.

    Unibräu: A fantastic system featuring a durable tri-clad kettle that can function as a standalone kettle. The Unibräu system allows easy customization with standard tri-clamp brewery connections, unlike the proprietary setup of Grainfather.

    Sparge arm installed in Unibräu

    Spray arm installed in unibrau kettle

    Add a dip tube and filter plate  to go hop crazy in the boil.  You can sparge, or don't sparge, the system is large enough to accommodate both.


    Unibrau comes equipped with a hopblick filter and dip tube installed along with 
and element upgrade kit for extra power in1220V


    Comparison Chart : UNIBRÄU VS GRAINFATHER

    Below is a comparison chart, to better help you to determine which system is best for your needs. Keep in mind, I'm biased. However if you'd like an unbiased view from a customer, who owns the Grainfather, and the Unibräu, you can read his review here.





    $1489 $999


    40L (10.5 gallons)

    20lb grain capacity

    30L (8 gallons)

    20lb grain capacity(claimed)


    30kg (66lb) 11.8kg (26lb)

    Batch Size

    6 gallons without sparge step. 5 gallons and sparge step needed

    Duration of brewing day

    Under 4 hour Around 6 hours because of added sparge step necessary due to smaller volume system

    Kettle and grain basket

    Indestructable 1.2 mm thick 304 stainless steel walls with 5mm trim-clad base.  4 Tri-clamp ferrules included for easy connectivity, easier sanitation and unlimited implementation of accessories. Thin gauge stainless steel is less than half the thickness of Unibräu.
    Modified coffee maker turned brew system. No possibility of accessorizing.


    Brew full 5g batches without needing to sparge.  Sparge step is optional for larger grain bills. Sparge step necessary to brew a full 5 gallon batch. 


    Ip55 rated with stainless pump head. 19L/minute flow rate

    Ip55 rated brew pump with plastic head. 12L/minute flow rate.


    304 SS tri-clamp compatible 1650W element designed to be removed for cleaning. Integrated 1600W element with dry run protection - not serviceable, when this breaks you lose your investment.

    Power expandable?

    Can easily convert to 240V power, or add element upgrade kit for more 120V power. Cannot be modified.


    PID temperature controller, step mash capable, however user needs to manually change temperature settings. Programmable bluetooth controller. Can program step mashes and save recipes.

    Volume markings

     Internal markings Internal markings


    Brew industry standard tri-clamp connections make sanitization easy. Proprietary and threaded connections, difficult to sanitize.



    Coil in coil counterflow chiller with  tri-clamp connections, 30' long and large orifice 1/2" ID minimizes chance of clogging with  incredible efficiency.

    Coil in coil counterflow chiller with threaded connections, 18' long with 3/8" ID tubing for wort. Good efficiency, however smaller diameter increases chance of clogging.


    Tri-clamp connections make the Unibräu brew system the most customizable brewing system on the market. An incredible array of Unibräu accessories help to ease and simplify your brew day. No. Only supports grainfather products.


    Element upgrade kit, sparge arm, whirlpool arm kit, Hopblock kit, steam condenser. Still attachment


    A brewery designed for a life of pleasure.

    Can be accessorized and scaled in any conceivable configuration.
    Not built forever, as disposal instructions are included in the box.

    Cannot be scaled, modified or used for any other purpose. Eventually the element will fail, resulting in the disposal of your investment.


    Unibräu's tri-clamp connections and diverse accessories make it the most customizable brewing system. Explore the Unibräu Brewers Group on Facebook for creative ideas from our community. Choose a brewery designed for a lifetime of pleasure – choose Unibräu!

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