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  • May 01, 2017 4 min read


    So you just finished a batch of your favorite saison; what’s next? While the world is your oyster, you may struggle to decide which beer you should brew now that your brewing system is all squeaky clean and ready to go. Before you decide what recipe to use, you need to first determine what type of beer you want to brew. Because you are investing so much effort, time, and money into your brewing adventures, it is important to seriously consider the cornucopia of beer options you have. Read on for our guide on picking your next brew.

    Consider the Season

    Homebrewers need to think ahead when it comes to seasonal brews. You need to plan ahead to have your beer ready for the appropriate season. If you are dreaming of sitting on the porch, sipping on citrus beer this summer, you should start brewing in late winter so that it will be in its prime by June. If you are making a fruit beer, you will need to consider when your fruit of choice is harvested, because it will taste best if you use local, in-season produce. Additionally, you have to consider the aging time, such as when you want to brew a holiday beer. You will need to plan a year in advance in order to be sipping your well-aged winter ale at Christmas.

    Consider the Ingredients

    You need fresh ingredients for optimal results, so you want to be realistic about the type of beer you can brew. If you have a homebrew supply store near you, you can always go there whenever you decide what to brew, but if you are not fortunate enough to live near one, you will want to pay to have your ingredients shipped as quickly as possible. Your malts, hops, and yeast are not going to survive shipping that takes six or seven days. It is also wise to know what you are brewing beforehand to avoid wasting ingredients. Keep in mind what fresh ingredients you have access to when choosing which beer to brew.

    Consider Your Goals

    Every homebrewer has their own idea about what they want to accomplish with their brewing. While some wish to brew every type of beer in the book, others are focused on beers from a specific region, or they may be trying to replicate their favorite beer. Regardless of your particular goal, this should help you narrow down what type of beer you would like to brew next. For example, if you are mad for German beers and want to brew every kind, you can consult a list to see what type of German beer best meets your needs.

    Consider Competitions

    Are you looking to win a homebrew competition? While some homebrewers only do it for the love of the beer, others are looking to get some accolades for their efforts. If you are trying to win some awards, it is a good idea to research the competition in which you are throwing in your hat. Look at the competition from last year, and what the most popular styles were. Chances are, it will be a similar breakdown this year, so if you want less competition, go for a category of beer that not many people entered the previous year. If the competition has different categories, look for what intrigues you the most and sparks your interest. This will give you an idea of a beer you may wish to beer for the impending competition.

    Consider Newer Options

    If you have been brewing for awhile, you might have already tried a wide selection of beer styles. If this is the case, it may be time to branch into something brand new. For example, a lot of region beers have recently become more popular nationwide, such as the black IPA. Other examples of beers that have recently surged in popularity include coffee beers and sours. Look into what the latest trends in beer are, and consider trying one of these newer options to give yourself a new challenge as a homebrewer.

    If you’re in the market for an all-in-one brewing system, shop Bräu Supply. We offer the Unibräu Pro System so that brewing beginners and seasoned brewers alike can brew their beer of choice as much as they like. Whether you prefer porters or are more of an IPA fan, you can create the beer of your choice with our brewing system. Shop now!

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